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Update on What’s Up Events

It’s taken a while to collate all the feedback from our July Pop Up events in the park, but you can now take a look at a spreadsheet with ideas collected in the Park, which add to the existing conversation that we started at the start of this year.

Read all about it here, as well as what’s next.

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What If…Pop Ups in the Park

We started our ‘What If’ conversation during the winter pandemic, and now want to continue with some face-to-face conversation. So we’re hosting a couple of drop-in events in the park on Friday 9th & Saturday 10th July.

We’ll have:
– local architect students’ designs based on the neighbourhood ideas so far
– an opportunity to chat
– an opportunity to add and comment on ideas
– and maps showing the history of the site.

Drop in any time between 3pm & 6pm on Friday 9th July or 11am & 4pm on Saturday 10th July. It would be great to see you!

Our What If question (in case you missed it):
What if, as a neighbourhood, we could use part of the Wimbledon Park Sports Centre site?

What would you add to the neighbourhood to maximise smiles for everything that’s part of our community: children, young people, adults, wildlife, plants, ground and air?

And find out more here.

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Jumble Trail Map for this Saturday – Live!

You can now view our Jumble Trail map for this Saturday. Homes will have yard sales at the addresses listed between 10.30am & 1pm.

Feel free to browse, but remember to socially distance. If there is already a group at an address, hang back until there is space to safely shop.

We’re an event that is all about reducing waste and keeping items being used for longer, and in that vain we also ask that you have a copy of the map on your phone. There will be one map available at most homes, so you can take a photo of it, but we won’t be issuing paper copies.

We hope you have a great time this Saturday.

Link to the map here.

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Date for this Year’s Jumble Trail

We’re pleased to announce the date for this year’s Jumble Trail.

Saturday 12th June 2021

10.30am – 3pm

If you’d like to have a stall, drop us an email or message us on Facebook  with your name and address.  We ask for a contribution of £2 to help pay for flyers and posters, and if you can help flyer your street, that would be great too!

Nearer the time we’ll have the map of stalls available here.

The event works best when there are several stalls in your street, so please do mention it to neighbours, as the more the merrier.  Remember you can be selling things you don’t need anymore; sell things that you make; or set up a refreshment stall.

Looking forward to more decluttering, bargains and street fun.

Jumble Trail Logo2

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What if….conversation update

We’ve had a great response to the ‘What if…’ conversation, and are hosting three short calls over the next couple of weeks to update people on ideas that have come in, and to talk about the next steps. It would be great if you can join us for one of them. Just drop a quick email to us with which call you’d like to join, and we’ll send over the Zoom details.

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‘What if’ Conversation

If you live in the patch we’d love you to be part of the converation that we’re starting around these questions:

What if, as a neighbourhood, we could use part of the Wimbledon Park Sports Centre site?

What would you add to the neighbourhood to maximise smiles for everything that’s part of our community: children, young people, adults, wildlife, plants, ground and air?

There are lots of ways to get involved, and some background to why we’re asking these questions, so please take a look here for more information.

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Have you done the Southsea Advent Window Trail this year?

Image may contain: night, text that says '# COME AND SEE THE LIGHT 魔'

So who’s enjoyed an evening stroll around the neighbourhood to see all the advent windows this year?

As with last year, there are 24 windows with numbers to spot, but this year there are some additional ‘stocking fillers’/windows to spot too.

You can find the full map of the trail here.

And as with last year, we’re fundraising for Shelter, as we appreciate having homes to be warm in this winter.

Windows will be live until at least 2nd January, so you’ve got a couple of evenings to still get round them. Enjoy!

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Alternative Carol Singing This Year

Thanks to all those that sent in short films to be included in our singing for our neighbours in local care homes this year. A special shout out to Jo Snewin from Priory School who pulled them all together for us. And to pupils at Craneswater Junior School who have done some lovely pictures for us to deliver to them as well.

We’ve included a link here for everyone to enjoy, so get your voices warmed up, join in and enjoy some pretty cute children as well.

Merry Christmas all!

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Singing to our neighbours in the local care homes

Lovely neighbours…who’s up for helping?

Normally at Christmas, we take a group of chidren, grown ups (and occasionally a puppy) into Braemar Care Home to sing carols and chat to our neighbours who live there. Obviously this year it can’t happen…so plan B!

With help from some lovely folk on the patch, and hopefully you, we’re going to create a little video with us singing in our own homes to send to them, so they know we’re still thinking of them. So would you be up for doing a little video of a carol? Could be all the family/bubble that you’re in, just you, you and a pet…feel free to be creative 😉

Something that will bring a smile, but not be stressful to you…short and simple!

If so, please email Clare and she’ll email you some details on which songs you can choose from, format etc.

Note: the deadline for submitting your contributions is 10th December.

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Community Car Club comes to the Patch

In October of this year a new community car club was introduced, and is now based in the Wimbledon Park Sports Centre car park.

Image courtesy of The Portsmouth News

Back in 2019, some of us met to talk about how our neighbourhood could respond to the climate emergency, and reducing cars on our streets was one of the things that was discussed. Since then, Clare Seek has been exploring different community car club options, and worked with Enterprise to set up this new initiative.

So what is a Community Car Club?

It’s a car sharing initiative, where you pay-as-you-drive. A car when you need it, and not when you don’t.

There are two hybrid cars based in the car park of Wimbledon Park Sports Centre, but as the club is part of Enterprise’s network of car clubs, you also have access to over 1,400 cars across the UK. So if you are visiting or having a meeting in another part of the country, you can get there by train and then book a car for your time whilst you’re in that location, rather than having to drive the whole way there and back.

When you become a member, you pay an annual membership fee (see the discount code below) and then pay for the miles you drive. You receive a membership card and can download an app on your phone. When you need a car, you do a quick search on the website or app for the time and location that you need, book out the vehicle that you want, and when it’s time to drive, get to the car, open it with your membership card or phone app, get the keys from the car’s glove box, and off you go. If you’re running late on your return, you can add extra time in 15 minute blocks from a small box inside the car, and you can directly call the help centre from the car if you have any problems. You return the car to the parking space when done, ready for the next person. If the tank is less than a quarter full, you fill up at a petrol station during your journey, using a fuel card in the car, so that the next person doesn’t turn up and find it almost empty.

Image courtesy of The Portsmouth News

Since COVID started, Enterprise also have a strict cleaning programme, so after you’ve returned the car, one of the team will come out to clean it. This does mean that the cars aren’t available quite as fully as originally planned, but this is obviously for everyone’s safety.

You can find out more about how a car club works on the Enterprise website here.

Might this be a good option for me?

  • Maybe since COVID you’ve been working from home more, and have a car that generally sits unused on the street for most of the week?
  • Maybe you’ve got a second, third or fourth vehicle in your household, which isn’t used all the time, and reducing one of your extra cars could save you money?
  • Maybe you’re an occasional car user, and this is much more convenient to pick up a car from the neighbourhood, rather than sort a hire car from miles away?
  • Maybe, you’d love to give up your car, as you generally could do most of your journeys by walking, cycling or public transport, but because you have a car, you use it as a default?

There are many reasons why this might be an option worth exploring, and on Enterprise website they have a cost comparison tool that is also handy to use.

Discount for Joining in Portsmouth & Southsea

To make it simple to have a go with this before committing, Enterprise have provided us with a discount code. Your first year’s membership is just £10 (instead of £60) and you also receive £10 free driving credit!* The promo code is’ PORTSMOUTH10 ‘ and needs to be inputted in the promo code field on the first page of the application form when applying for membership. If you click here it will take you straight to the Portsmouth enrolment form with promo code prepopulated – this hyperlink along with the promo code can be shared among any of your friends, family, neighbours or connections living in the Portsmouth/Southsea area.

*T’s & C’s: First year’s membership include for free (usually £60/yr). £10 driving credit, valid for 90 days, applied once application is approved. For Southsea & Portsmouth residents only. Offer valid until 31/12/2020.  For full T’s & C’s please visit .

Future of Car Clubs in the City

The City Council has recently agreed to put out a tender to set up a city wide community car club, so in the not to distant future, the expectation is that there will be more cars to access in different areas of the city that will also be part of this scheme.


As Clare has been working with the Enterprise team to set this up in the neighbourhood, she is regularly in contact with the team and they are always interested in feedback and ideas, so please do get in touch if you’d like to many any comments or have any suggestions.